11 Tools To Distract You From Overthinking


Overthinking, the word that we all are so involved with. None of us needs to search for the meaning of overthinking, these times. One day or other, you must have noticed that you are thinking of something so much, and that too, about the issue you believe you shouldn’t be thinking about.

Am I right? After all, I am that’s why you are reading this.

However, you are not the only one overthinking everything. Research suggests 73% of 25- to 35-year-olds chronically overthink, along with 52% of people ages 45 to 55.

So, here am I with some tools that I (personally) believe would help you get out of that phase whenever you find yourself overthinking.

Before knowing tools, I believe, you should know Why do you overthink?

Why Do We Overthink?

Every time, when you are seeking some solution, you need to grasp the why’s of that problem. Isn’t it? Whys are the roots of the problems.

So, here are some whys of overthinking that I have noticed or say, pondered upon while writing this blog.

These why’s can be categorized into PAST and FUTURE.


》You have acted in a manner you believe you should have not.

》Some event has happened that should have not, so you are stressed and undoubtedly thinking tons.


》There’s some event that’ll happen and you are overthinking about the details of the event and are afraid about it.

》You have acted on something that you thought to be right, but now you’ve realized that it wasn’t and now you are thinking tons about the consequences.

These were some reasons I have listed. Well, there may be a lot more whys that you can relate to but aren’t mentioned. You can comment below, I would wait to know.

Now, as you know the reasons, you must also know the consequences of this process of your overthinking.

Consequences of Overthinking

Frustrated man with nervous problem feel anxiety and confusion of thoughts. Mental disorder and chaos in consciousness. Indoor studio shot isolated on yellow background

Overthinking a situation for so much time may lead to so many consequences that in turn disturb the mental health of a person. It causes:

  • Frustration
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Emotional distress
  • Depression

And so on.

The effects of overthinking become even more severe when it becomes a continuous habit among people.

Reading the consequences, you must be eager to know then, what can be done to get rid of this venom in your mind.

Here’s it.

Tools To Overcome Overthinking

After knowing the reasons and consequences of overthinking, I guess you must have known what and where it hurts and eager to know what needs to be done. I am here for this only, that is how you can adopt these tools to get rid of your overthinking disorder. This will eventually help you a lot.

Here, I am listing 11 tools, which are not in the order of importance, but generally listed. These tools would assist in distracting you whenever you will find yourself overthinking. While all the tools may not apply to your situation but you’ll be able to extract enough of what you need.

  1. What is gone is gone
  2. Live in the present moment.
  3. Realize, future can’t be in our hands
  4. Change the perspective
  5. Take control of your emotions
  6. Don’t think what is wrong, but what is right
  7. Be solution-oriented
  8. Perfection is a myth
  9. Do Physical Activity
  10. Get your earplugs and sleep
  11. Write it down

Let’s see each of them

1. What is gone is gone

Yes, exactly. What is gone is really gone. I hope you accept that we don’t have time machines to drive us back to the situation and change everything. (And if you do have, get me one. I’ll be grateful.)

Well, assuming you don’t have any time machine, you must realise that you can’t go into the past and change what has really happened. Thus, when you know, it’s out of your hands, just let it out of your mind too. You don’t need to carry the baggage of what has already happened and undoubtedly it cannot be changed by thinking a lot.

Just realize it, my friend, what’s gone is gone, and thinking a lot will only exaggerate your thoughts to make it worse.

2. Live in the present moment to get rid of Overthinking

The moment you are living is what you have and nothing else. You can’t change what has happened in the past, as I said. So why are you wasting your present moment with something you don’t have control over?

Buddy, live in the present moment. See those beautiful butterflies in the garden, or those twinkling stars, or that lonely moon with scars on it, or little burning matchstick giving light in the darkness, enjoy the sunset, or maybe sunrise, or call the dearer friend. There’s a lot to be adored and you are stuck with one thing.

Live what you have in front of your eyes. This is yours, neither past nor future.

3. Realize, future can’t be in our hands

Are you thinking about future events? The consequences that haven’t happened yet? If yes, I am so sorry for you.

You know, everyone on this planet earth is worried about their future. Nobody knows what will happen to them and so will you. You don’t know and can’t know what will happen to you in the next 10 years, or next year, or next month, or tomorrow or even till the point, you’ll reach the last point of this blog. It’s the truth. (Though, I am not saying you’ll die. Don’t be scared.)

I am making you realise that the future you are expecting or predicting, might or might not happen. For this, you don’t need to think a lot.

4. Change the Perspective

We often tend to see the things as we have been seeing since we first got sight of it. A similar thing is what we do with our thoughts. Overthinkers tend to think in a way they have already been thinking, that is with one perspective. Leaning on just one perspective makes us more and more inclined towards single thought and overlook all the other angels from which we should have been seeing.

That’s why, I recommend, try to change your perspective and think differently. You need to change the story you have been telling yourself about the particular situation. This would allow your mind to move towards positive self-talking rather than negativity flowing inside your mind.

Just try to see the other side of the coin and you will realize the real issue.

5. Take control of your emotions to distract from overthinking

The main reason for overthinking is that you have no control over your emotions. Bit by bit you lose control over your emotions and then the time comes when you completely lose hold of them.

While thinking excessively, a lot of emotions flow inside you and create a mess of your thoughts. Once, you try to take control over your emotions, you start thinking rationally.

Taking control over your emotions will help you a lot. I know this absolutely as I have tried this myself.

6. Don’t think what is wrong, but what is right

Wrong! Wrong!

This has happened wrong, this is not good, this should have not happened, this should have happened like this.

All these questions must be in your mind?

Am I right? If yes, then you are focusing on what has happened wrong in all this mess. The major portion of your focus is on the wrong things and only a little of your attention is on what’s right. This is in turn more wrong.

Now, I need you to get out of this wrong, and think of what is right. Just think of what was right in all this and what would go right. Start thinking about right and you won’t find yourself overthinking.

But, I won’t say to deny the wrong part. The more you deny it, the more your attention will go there. I need you to accept the wrong and just focus on what is right.

7. Perfection is a myth

Indeed. Perfection is indeed a myth, my friend. If you are grieving over your performance, output, decision, work, or anything that was not THE PERFECT Then, I need you to just stop it. Stop grieving.

You need to realize that the perfection you are seeking has been achieved by nobody. Yes, nobody. Everyone is bound to make mistakes. As they say, to err is human. If you have made a mistake, just accept that and realise that it’s okay. You don’t need to indulge yourself in a serious overthinking disorder because you have made a mistake just like any other human being.

Nobody is perfect in their choices and decisions, and so as you and it’s perfectly normal.

8. Be solution-oriented

Now, this is the thing, you must be stressing upon. This is one of the most rational ways to get out of this issue.

You know that the problem is already there, the situation is already messed up, your thoughts are already chaotic and you are already screwed. No, I am not trying to exaggerate your process of overthinking and anxiety. I am just asking you if everything is already worse, then what’s the matter of crying over spilled milk?

All you can do is to find the solution, while I should make this clear that OVERTHINKING IS NOT AT ALL A SOLUTION. The solution is something else, that can be found only and when you stop overthinking about the issue.

So, just try to find the solution as to what can be done to make things right.

9. Do physical activity

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This is a common proverb, we have been hearing and reading for a long time.

You might be healthy, you might be not. But, whenever you find yourself overthinking, just distract yourself and do some physical activity. You may opt for gyming, home exercise, or yoga. Yoga is really good for peace of mind.

Doing physical exercises will give you two benefits, one, you’ll be distracted from the mess you are thinking about and second, that plump tummy will be inside.

Oh, buddy thank me later.

Now, just go and do some physical activity. Reduce mind exercise that is thinking rubbish and just do some push-ups, some squats, pull-ups, or whatever you like. (I don’t do much, so I don’t know much. LOL.)

10. Get your earplugs and sleep

If you don’t want to move your big body to do some physical exercise, just do this, get your earplugs or headphones and just get to sleep. One of my favorites. Really. Music is a relief, I am serious, It is a damn relief. Period.

Now, don’t waste your night or day over reading how to get over your overthinking mind or some overthinking quotes or anything else, and just sleep well with some good music in your ears. Sleeping cures everything.

Don’t worry, I can take your thanks in the morning. XD

11.Write it down to get rid of overthinking

Last but not the least, Write everything down. This is a self-tested and trusted tool to get rid of overthinking stuff. Whatever you are feeling, whatever comes to your mind, just take a pen and paper, and write everything down. Write the issues, events, people, reasons for anxiety, fears, and everything else. Just PEN IT DOWN.

Do you know what happens with this?

While writing, you realize that the situation is not as bad as you were thinking, it’s not as big as your thoughts have made this. You realize how vague your thoughts are and most importantly your mind inclines you towards what can be done to make this right.


Overthinking is a state of mind when you keep thinking of the situation for a long time. It is one of the common issues among us millennials, who are not used to facing issues with the real guts. A person may overthink because of various problems relating to life, studies, dreams, family, fulfillment, or overthinking due to relationship problems. But, none of these issues seem more important to me than a person’s own mental health. So, taking this issue in mind, I have listed 11 tools or ways which will help you to get rid of your overthinking issues as soon as possible, in a hope that you enter in your normal life again with a smile on your face because at the end, only smiles matter.

Healthy Note

This article is to list personal views that may help you to get rid of overthinking issues. However, if the problem still remains, kindly contact some psychologist who will guide you in a better way.

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