This pandemic has hit everyone real differently. While some people had some of the best and enjoyable days (mostly students who never had to study for this long and wasted their time in the most unproductive way), some people were suffering from mental issues. While some people’s business has taken a lead, it has made most of the people sit at home *unemployed.*

There is a situation of downfall in the economy. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD) has warned that the economy will collapse by 4.5% this year due to the Covid-19 effect. There is no money with the people and so demand is decreasing day by day.

On the flip side, this pandemic has also made people responsible for their duties and their lives. People want to make something of themselves to get through these hard times. They are seeking ways to how can they make money online.

That’s why I thought to write an article and impart value to your time in any way possible.

Consequently, I am here with 5 ways to make money online. Of course, there are so many other ways, like sooo many but these are the ones, I thought can yield money quite earlier. Irrespective of what your age is, you can opt for these options at your convenience and as per your skills.


While you are reading this article, I don’t want to take you to fairy tales of making millions of bucks just starting these listed initiatives, but would like to provide you a bit of a reality check.

No business, no online business grows in a blink of an eye. It takes time and considerable effort, especially when you are setting up something. With time and efforts, You would make money, but gradually. I say again, GRADUALLY. People may promise and write zillions of articles about how to make money fast, but everything takes time. Every business, every start-up, every hustle needs time to get noticed and you will have to be patient for that much time.

Starting up anything is a black hole of losses and rejections initially but if you are hard-working and smart enough, it would take just a couple of months for you to start making good money from any of these methods.

It would need consistency and persistence. Once you start, just stick to it.


  1. Become a freelancer
  2. Start Blogging
  3. Become Social Media Manager
  4. Kindle Publishing
  5. Affiliate Marketing


Here I am, listing you the most effective and personally suggested ways to make money of your own as a side hustle.

As always, these ways are perfectly in no order and as random as I wanted..

1. Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is the highest growing industry. After the US, India is the second-largest freelancing industry with over 15 million people working independently in innumerable sectors. While clearly, the pandemic too, has shifted the focus of a lot of people towards freelancing.

Before knowing how I would like to make you know what. What is freelancing?

Freelancing is work that a person does for themselves and rather not for some company or a firm. They take projects on a contract basis and are not the employees of any firm for the long term. They are more rightly called self-employed or contractors rather than employees.

Scope: Freelancing includes everything a person is good at. This may include content writing, content marketing, graphic designing, social media marketing, video editing, copywriting, and what not.


》It has a wide scope and innumerable things included in it.

》Immediate money-making, as soon as you deliver your work.

》Freedom in work

》Work at ease, whenever you require


》Initial hard work in finding clients. (Use LinkedIn for this)

》Risk with parties involved. (Ask for advance payment)

》No security of continuous work

》Require patience and tolerance for initial rejections (Stand up and find next client after rejection)

If you have any hobby and you believe people may need your services, try freelancing. I would suggest this, personally. And you must have patience, after all.

2. Start a Blog

A blog has a lot of scope in making money. You can start your blog in few minutes for FREE on sites such as Blogger and WordPress. It requires no investment at all.

However, if you want, the only investment can be in purchasing the domain name. Rest is your talent and potential. You just have to put engaging content for your readers.

I would suggest you keep in mind to provide quality content on your blogs. The more qualitative content will be, the more people would like to read your words, and more the traffic on your site will increase day by day. People would be curious to know what you have to provide them.

The blog is for educating people or making them realise something. Make sure, the words you are writing have the capability to get something extracted from them by your readers.


》Easy to handle

》Less Time Investment

》Nominal Money Investment

》You can provide subscribed content, which can be immediate returns of investment as the blog grows.


》 It has the slowest process of growth

》You must possess good writing skills. (You can hire a content writer who can assist you.)

3. Managing Social Media for small business

The world is getting social and everyone has more influence of social media over them than anything else.

Consequently, brands and businesses are also trying to market themselves socially. However, big brands can easily do it professionally with a big marketing team, but small businesses don’t have this much resources, money, and time to spare for this.

And here’s when you can enter and make money from Instagram, Facebook, and such like social sites on which you waste your time scrolling miles.

For managing social media, you must have the knowledge and idea about how ads run and posting at which time and how can yield a result to your clients. You need to research about how social media can be managed effectively and efficiently. You can easily learn all the insights on YouTube. All you need to have is the will to do and time not to waste.

You can make good money if you get good at managing social accounts for a good number of clients.


》Fast Results

》Wide scope as everyone is getting social

》Large audience

》Interactive, Unique, and fun.


》You’ll have to refine your skills and get experience to succeed in this hustle.

》Time Consuming

》Hit and Trial learning

4. Kindle Publishing

Are you a writer? Or have you written some book that is yet to get published and is under the review of a bunch of publishers who are taking months to revert?

Then, Kindle Publishing is the best for you.

But, what is Kindle Publishing?

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a publishing platform that anyone can use and earn from. It is a branch of Amazon.

All you have to do is to upload a print-ready file on KDP, design a cover for your book, fill in the necessary details and submit it. They’ll review your submission and after a couple of days, your book will be live on Amazon as an Ebook. And guess what? You’ll earn 70% of the royalties. I must say, no traditional publisher gives this huge percentage as royalty.

Even, if you haven’t written a book and want to write something, do it now and you can easily publish it under Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).


》It’s super easy to use.

》It’s the quick publishing method ever.

》You earn a good amount of money with royalties.

》You can also get a printed paperback version of the book and earn 60% of royalties. (*Isn’t it amazing?)


》It takes time to write a book and design a cover.

》You must possess writing skills.

》You’ll have to market your book yourself.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a really good tool to make money when you know the whereabouts of marketing.

People who are studying marketing, business, or commerce must be familiar with this term. But, those who don’t, I would tell you.

AFFILIATE MARKETING is a model in which you’ll market a product that is already there in the market. You’ll advertise it and pursue people to purchase the product. In return for the business will reward you with the portion for every customer who’ll purchase as a result of your efforts in marketing the product. This rewarding portion ranges between $5-$30 per sale.

Now, before jumping into the business, you must have to research the market and choose the product you will be going to market. You, obviously, wouldn’t like to market the product whose demand is extremely low unless you venture with some company or business to increase their sales. So, to choose the right product for affiliation, you need research before jumping in.

Some affiliate marketing platforms are: ShareASale, Amazon associates, Awin, CJ affiliate.


》Easy to understand and start

》 Low-cost business hustle

》No expertise needed (only research)

》Market Ready

》You own business


》Time consuming

》Needs a lot of efforts comparatively

》You have no control over competition

I really like this option and you must also consider this if you want to make good money with zero or minimal investments.


The above listed 5 ways were those that were really seeming profitable to me in near future, though there are innumerable methods to make money. Some of them are,

  1. Start a YouTube Channel
  2. Start teaching
  3. Create a course on Skillshare
  4. Answer questions on JustAnswer
  5. Become a Personal trainer (something you are really good at)
  6. Transcribe

These were some more ways. I won’t say these methods are not right and profitable but it may take a lot of time to get good at these methods.


While you are sitting at home and waiting for someone to come to you and say, “Here’s the money for doing nothing.” Let me tell you, No one’s s going to come like this. (except your parents.)

I guess, this really is the time to do *something* after sitting at home for months and doing *nothing*… Also, when you want to earn something side by side your studies or main job, these are the hustles you can carry on.

Trust me, when you’ll get your first client or first payout, you would be happy as hell. So, don’t waste your time and just go and do something. May it be blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, managing social media, or Kindle publishing. Apart from these, try the other ways too, like YouTube, Teaching, Creating a course and a lot more. Google the hustle you want to go ahead with. Grab every know-how of it and get to work.

I am waiting for you to comment below that it helped you.

Life-ing my words

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