Mehak Kalra

The girl behind all these words.

“Spark in this moment, next would be taken care of”

With all the thoughts that were not shunned by my mind, I’m writing my heart and soul out. To blow you out with some icy, some hot words, here I am.

Ever since, there was a thought of starting an Instagram page a couple of years ago, I started posting quotes and later poems. This induced me to write more and more, as much as I could and as much as I wanted. Consequently, I started a podcast where I published episodes of poems, stories and some life lessons. This extended to YouTube, LinkedIn and everywhere I could write.

Coming a long way, I started this blog where all of her words that are scattered everywhere around have come under a single roof, 

On this blog, I’ve been writing all I understand and want people to understand. With the millions of coats on everything all around, we become so distant to the real core thing. I like to see that core, I like to realize and feel that core. After realizing the core, I try to pen down that you’ll see here.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading!


Mehak Kalra