Smiling at a strangers is a real real joy.

So, today my brother and I went to Subway and as we sat down munching,  we saw a really pretty smiling family with a really pretty kid.

They were not pretty because they were like extremely beautiful but they were really kind.

So we, randomly looked at that little one and started playing with him. Playing with smiles from our seat to theirs, from distance. With weird faces, hilarious laughs, we just played with the kid. Along with the kid, his mother and father also smiled and joined and we all acquainted with each other with just smile. They were just finishing and after a few minutes they left.

Some time later, when we moved out, we went to a couple of more places and then went to a bakery. I was looking at cakes when someone greeted my brother and he asked me, ‘Did you see? He was the same person, little kid’s father.’

Well, I was busy glancing sweets and missed it but I was so pleased  at their unknown kind gesture. We moved out of the bakery and from the car kid’s mother so pleasingly smiled and waved at me as if we were some kind of friends. I saw her lovingly told her mother, that we were those same people. None of us knew each other and still with just smiles, pretty gestures and kindness, we were there making loving connections. Isn’t it beautiful?

More than having my favorite Sub, I was pleased with the stranger smiles. And I am wondering for how many days, I’m gonna remember them.

Now, that is what I call pretty.

Pretty Strangers
Pretty Smiles
Pretty Connections
Pretty Day

Ps: Next time, don’t forget to smile at strangers. Again, its a real real joy..


Mehak Kalra

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